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VHD FrouFrou Puff Dress

Vickeh over at VHD has been a busy bee.  We get to reap the benefits!

The FrouFrou Puff Dress was a lot of fun to wear and I hope you enjoy it.   Thanks!!

Dress [VHD] - FrouFrou Puff Dress - White Lace.  Note:  Dress is worn with Tango Mirage, no applier; Dress size XL.  You should either resize or recess the breasts to fit.  This will not work with regular tangos due to their shape.   
Shoes [Ison] - Two Toned Wedge - White   Note:  SLink compatible shoes for Medium Barefeet.   Available via Shoetopia 1 SIM.
Skin [The Skinnery] Jourdan Onyx Shade
Lip Gloss [Kokolores] - Sumptuous Lips - Crunchy Soil
Breasts [Lolas] Lolas Tango Mirage  The Skinnery Jourdan Onyx Shade Appliers Used.
Hands  [SLink] The Skinnery Appliers Used. Hands are the Casual version.
Hair [House of  Heart] Feral - Black  - Vintage hair.  Still available via Marketplace
Lashes [Gaeline Creations] Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Eyes [IKON] Kaleido Eyes Color: Oil
Eyeshadow [MONS] - Eyeliner Print - Leo
Necklace [Pure Poison] - Tisuki
Eyeliner [Corvus] Cateyes Eyeliner

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