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Additional Item Credits

In an effort to speed up the crediting process, I have decided to dedicate a page here for staple items, skins and mesh body parts.  This way, I can really get to the "Main Items" I am showing and not repeatedly post the same miscellaneous items.

Everyday Items:

Bodies  -  I will ALWAYS have on one of the following mesh bodies(In Order from Ease of Use)
[Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle]   Lara V3.4
[Belleza by Tricky Boucher, Shyla Diggs] V3, Freya, Isis
[Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier] Eve Pulpy  V8.4 
[Kitties Lair by Babette Ultsch Lena Lush Body 2.3 
[The Mesh Project ] Basic Body
[SLink - Siddean Munro] Physique

Heads - Whenever I wear a head, I will always have on one of these: (In Order from Ease of Use)
[Lelutka by JadenArt Resident and Thora Charron] Lotte    
[Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier] EVE'olution Head #2  Beta
[The Mesh Project ] Fierce

Eyes  -  99.9% of the eyes I wear come from Ikon or Poetic Colors.
[Poetic Colors by Lano Ling]
[Ikon by Ikon Innovia]

Eyelashes - 95% of my Eyelashes come from Maxi Gossamer, Gaeline, or Mon Cheri
[Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] Inverted Crown, Swallow Wings, Groomed, Wild Full Thick
[Gaeline Creations by Gael Streeter] Stella, Magnifica
[Mon Cheri by Freya Olivieri] *MC* "Falsies" Pack 1
[Arise by Lonlysoule] Eyelashes Set 
[Sinful Curves by Stephanie Fishnet]  Demure

Hands & Feet  -  I always wear the feet/hands created for the body 90% of the time.  The only exception is Lena Lush.   
Maitreya - always wear Maitreya hands/feet
Belleza - always Belleza hands/feet
Eve - always wear Eve hands/feet unless I am required to wear SLink Shoes.  Even then, I will wear the Eve Adaptive Feet which adapts the Eve foot to be worn with SLink.   
Lena Lush - Worn with SLink 
The Mesh Project - Worn with TMP Bare, Low, Mid, High, or Ouch Feet.  
Slink - Worn only with Physique and Lena Lush.  -  Casual Hands, Flat, Med, or High Feet.  

Shapes  - 98% of the time, my shape is Lyrical Store's Pam.  Lyrical Store is no longer on the Grid.  Please understand that I buy shapes for their faces and general body shape.  I then heavily mod boobs, butt, legs, etc until I like it.  
[Poema by MatildaSoon Resident] 
[Lyrical Store by Lyrical Oh]

Skins - 80% of the skins I wear come from Modish, Skinnery, or ~PixyStix~
Note - Modish and ~PixyStix~ will always have a SLURL since I am their blogger.  Here are the others that I wear or have worn(In no particular order):
[The Skinnery by Umazuma Metaluna]
[ItGirls by Annie Jolifaunt]
[Deetalez by Steffi Villota
[PXL by Hart Larsson]
[Delizio by Jenna Munster]
[Pink Acid by Stasey Oller]
[Zodiaco by Zinniamaldita - MP Only] 
[Lumae by Lumiya Rae]
[Birdy by nina Helix]
[CandyDoll by rebeca Dembo]
[Mes Petites Coutures Ohalla Resident]
[Elysium by Aleida Rhode]
[Meghindo's by Meghindo Romano]
[Your Skin and Your Shape by Monyka Benelli and Monicuzza Babenco]
[Jalwa by Chandra Masala]  

Staples - Items Worn Most of the time 
Rings [Pomposity by Bugsy HansomeMissy Gemstone  
Piercing [A.S.S. by Storm Torvalar] Monroe Piercing - Freebie in store   [MP Too]


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