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I decided to create this page to help others.  Like Drake, I started from the bottom and now I am here.  I would like others to have more of a head start.  

Blog Materials Used:

  • ♦PoseAnywhere 2.5  - DavidThomas Scorbal    [Inworld Store]  Also on [Marketplace]   - This tool allows you to pose anywhere.  It is a great tool, but I no longer use it.  In order to better credit my posemakers, I now do it the old fashioned way...  Open up the folder that contains the pose and hit play.  
  • ♦Auto Focus 2.1 - Glorious Insanity - [Marketplace Vendor]  To focus my eyes. 
  • ♦StrawberrySingh .com Simple Photo Studio  [Marketplace]   The Green Screen!!
  • ♦AnyPose Expression Hud  [Marketplace]  
  • QAvimator(To Make your own pose)  [QAvimator

Software and URL's Used:

♦Photoshop CS6  - Adobe
♦Gimp - Before Photoshop, Gimp was all I had.  [Link]
♦Photoscape - Thanks to Sasy Scarborough for being nice to me and passing me the link to her       [tutorial]. I will forever buy Flair Products and support whatever she's involved in.   [Link]
♦PicMonkey - Mostly for Collages and Bokeh..  [Link]
♦Fotor - Collages (Haven't Used it yet, but I plan to)  [Link]
♦Photovisi - [Link] (Haven't Used it  yet, but I'm going to)
♦Soratemplates - This is where my Blog's Layout/Style comes from.  I recommend that you be familiar with light coding to configure it (and a lot of patience)   [Link]

You Tube Videos Used:

♦How to remove Background  [Link]
♦Dispersion Effect (Haven't tried it yet) [Link]
♦How to create snow [Link]
♦How to create a floor [Link]
♦Jigsaw Template (Haven't tried it yet)   [Link]
♦How to create a reflection  [Link]
♦How to Download and add Photoshop Brushes  [Link]
♦Light Leak  [Link]
♦Spotlight/Light Effect Glow  [Link]
♦How to make Pose with QAvimator  [Link] - Note: Requires some patience.  
Miscellaneus Stuff Used:

♦Windlight Downloads From Strawberry Singh's Site  [Link]  (There's better than CalWL, people)
♦Backgrounds, Photoshop Actions, Photoshop Brushes [Deviant Art Website - There is Graphic Nudity, so NSFW ]

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