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Interested Designers

I am currently seeking a pose designer.  For others, I will sometimes help a designer on a case by case basis. This is at my discretion.  Please send a notecard or contact Breezy Luik if you have additional questions.  

If you are interested in having me blog for you, there are some VERY IMPORTANT things that you should know.

In Real Life,  I work 4 days a week 6a - 5p SLT Wed - Sat.  There is a very high chance that weekly/weekend only items will NOT be blogged. 

I'd prefer to blog 3 items or LESS a month(That's per designer).  I make exceptions for Fairs and Charitable Events.

I love designers who are thorough and put end dates/landmarks for the events they are participating in.  I also love designers who pass me blog packs early. 

Things that I frown on:

Designers in multiple bi-monthly events and the events overlap to where something is always due weekly.   AND you require all items to be blogged.

Designers who require an item from them to be blogged every week. See the weekly explanation above. 

Designers who are in multiple events with the same item in different colors. I also dislike the same item being re-textured and released again as a new item.   

Designers who pass out items for an event and the event is about to expire.   Example: Item received Friday evening, event ends Sunday.


The Color Pink.   I don't like it.  I know you can't tell, but I don't.

Slut-wear.    I'm no prude, but there are other options now.   I prefer to be covered.

Two Ponytails.  I'm an old lady. 

Items with Real Life Logos:  Nike, Chanel, Fendi, Gucci,  the list is practically endless.  Your SL Logo on a shirt, I'll rock it.. Tommy Hilfiger's logo on a shirt, No thanks!! 

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