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New Items at FLG

Greetings Everyone!!

FLG has some new Mesh Goodies for you.  The Complete Outfit is fully Mesh and comes in several Colors.  It is currently listed for 79L and you get 2 colors for that price.  It comes in: Smile, Love, Butterfly, Mouth and Cross.

Although Appliers are not included, I am happy to announce that I am wearing WowMeh (YaY).  With the WowMeh Insize, it can be tailored to fit any Mesh.   I bet you are wondering what that means... It means, that the WowMeh's hud allows you to make the parts of yourself that clip disappear.  Look at it as a big puzzle. Now click the body part that's sticking out on the hud and poof!!  Now, your Mesh fits!!

I hope I haven't been Too Too Wordy(Yeesh credits are Long enough).  Enjoy!!!

Click to Enlarge Photo
The Gear:

Complete Outfit [FLG by Carolina Kroll]  Cross - Green  [MP Too]
Shoes [SLink by Siddean Munro] Lorelai - Gold -  SLink High Feet Required
Jewelry [Chop Zuey Couture by Belle Roussel] - Consecration  Black/Gold
Glasses [Sorgo by arscene dubrovna] RACK Shades - TORT (G) [Kustom 9]

The Bod:

Mesh Body [Wowmeh by baby ghosn]  Insize 3.0  - The Skinnery Appliers used
Hair [Milk by kattington] Jupiter - Fades  - [Kustom 9]
Hands and Feet [SLink by Siddean Munro] Casual Hands/High Feet
Eyes [Ikon by Ikon Innovia]  'Sunrise' Eyes - Deep Brown (ML)
Skin [The Skinnery by Umazuma Metaluna]  Quiana - Onyx

The Cosmetics:

Lashes [Mon Cheri by freya olivieri] *MC* "Falsies"
Eyeliner [Mons by ekilem] black eyeliner series-3
Freckles [Buzzeri by eleri.catlyn] Cutiepie Freckles-  No Heart
Slink Finger/Toe Nail Polish [Jamman Jewels and Nails by Jamman] Version 6 Hud used.

The Bling:

Piercing [Utopiah by petiita blackbart]  Monroe Piercing
Pin [Chop Zuey Couture by Belle Roussel]  Breast Cancer Awareness Pin

The Posemaker:

[Pose + ivity be Meccaa]  Both poses are from Pose + ivity

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