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Bomshie @ SL Vogue

SL Vogue has begun and Bomshie is participating.  

The Tulsa Long Skirt is mesh and comes in Grey, Violet, and Blue.  The Tulsa Satin Lace Trim body suit is Boobie, Booty, Wowmeh friendly and comes in Red, Black and Gold.  There are 5 Mancala Handbags in:  Brown, Seafoam, Red, Purple and Turq.  There are also some Shanti Metallic Peep-toe shoes in 5 colors:  Green, Pink, Red, Yellow, and Teal.  

I am wearing my  Lolas Tango Delicq.   

Happy Shopping!!

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The Gear:

Skirt [Bomshie by Bomshie and Snookiemacintyre Tulsa Long Skirt  - via [SL Vogue on Elm Street
Bodysuit [Bomshie by Bomshie and Snookiemacintyre]   Tulsa Satin Lace Trim - via [SL Vogue on Elm Street
Shoes [Bomshie by Bomshie and Snookiemacintyre]  Shanti Metallic Peep-toe (Not shown) - via [SL Vogue on Elm Street]   For SLink Mid Feet
Purse [Bomshie by Bomshie and SnookiemacintyreMancala Handbags - Red, Purple and Turq - via [SL Vogue on Elm Street

The Bod:

Eyes [Ikon by Ikon Innovia] Hope Eyes - Scoria
Ears, Eyebrows [The Skinnery by Umazuma MetalunaHuman Ears, Natural Brows 1 - Bold
Hair [Homage by Kaiden TrillTorin : Noir[All Down]
Breasts [Lolas by Sandi Moonites] Lolas Tango Delicq
Hands  [SLink - Siddean Munro] Casual Hands
Teeth [Shakeup! by Carrie Janick] - Teeth [Tattoo Layers] - 06
Skin [Modish by Ele Brandi]  Nicole Skin Tone 19

The Bling:

Bracelets [Ryca by Ryca DoobieBangle RiT Gold
Jewelry Set [RealEvil Industries by Crashnoww] LUX Aliki Set 
Piercing [UtopiaH - Petiita Blackbart] Monroe Piercing

The Cosmetics:

Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] - Party - Swallow Wings
Freckles [Soonsiki (Milk) by Kattington] Odd Beauty Freckles Note: It's included in with the hairs.  I put it on, liked it and I've decided to wear it.  
Eyeliner [Okkbye by Elisaokkbye] Eyeliner Pack -  Eyeliners - Chunky
SLink Nail and Toe Polish [Jamman Jewels and Accessories by jamman] - Version 6 Hud used

The Posemaker:

Poses [I Am Fashion by Amber Swallowtail]  - IAF Static Poses 7
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