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Maai @ The Big Show

Finally, Maai is in this month's Big Show.  (YaY) The Opium Lingerie Set is available and it has Physique, TMP and Omega appliers.  The set can be worn with or without stockings.  4 colors are available and they are priced at 99L each.  (Scroll down to the Photo if all you wish to see is what I'm wearing ♥)   

For this post, I am wearing G.Inc's latest release:  The Perfect Body XL.  It is Omega Compatible and priced at 850L.  I was asked to blog it so:   

 Here are some hud shots:
Click to Enlarge Photo
Click to Enlarge Photo

The First Hud Is what I will call the Clothing Hud.  I'll try to explain what everything does.

Orange - This is your Skin layer and alpha layer. Click on the corresponding body part and it disappears.  Here, you can toggle the body's hands and feet as well.
Green - This is your tattoo layer.  For this layer, you can click the corresponding body part and the tattoo part toggles.  Careful, make sure you don't click a body part and cut off your tattoo.
Black and Gold Get Naked Box does what it says - Undresses you.
Pink - This is your underwear layer.  Click the body part and the clothing on it toggles.  If you are wearing a tattoo, it will reveal the tattoo underneath.   
Blue Get Dressed box does what it says - It gets you dressed.  However, it puts on every last single layer.  So some toggling may need to be done.
Blue - This is your Top Clothes Layer.  Click the body part and the clothing on it toggles.

The Second Hud is what I will call the Body Hud.  I'll try to explain what the buttons on the left do. You click the "Color Wheel" on the right in order to toggle from the Clothing Hud to the Body Hud.

Button One(Far Left) - It looks like a "Power Button" and it shows the top half of the body.  It allows you to color the top half of your body based on RGB or sliders.
Button Two - It looks like a "Power Button" and it shows the bottom half of the body.  It allows you to color the bottom half of your body based on RGB or sliders.
The Nipple Button - Allows you to color the nipple with RGB/Sliders
The Foot Button - Allows you to color your feet
Hand Nails Button - Allows you to color your nails.  Note: This body only has nail beds but it does allow you to color them.
Nails Button - Allows you to color your Toe Nails using RGB/Sliders.  I think the toe nails are quite pretty.

Price.  At 850L, it's generously priced.
Body Feet are SLink Mid compatible.
Toggle clothing sections in addition to alpha
Able to wear multiple layers of clothing simultaneously.
Slider Friendly
Omega Compatible

Cons(for me):
-Fingernails(Or Lack thereof).  I was advised that these would be updated in a future release. However, I am able to use my Mandala Nail Palette Set and that makes it much better.   If you wear nails that can be moved into place, the nails will be a non-issue for you.
-Unable to attach Slinkage without seams.  Feel free to Demo and try but I was not able.  If you don't wear slinkage, this will be a non-issue.
-No "Clear Clothing" button per layer.  Example:  I have on a Shirt on the Top Layer,  Stockings on the Underwear Layer and a Tattoo on the tattoo layer.   I don't want to wear a tattoo today.  Now what?   I can click Get Naked and then reapply the stockings and the Shirt.  Or, I can Click the portions on the tattoo layer to toggle the tattoo off.
-The Beep.  My friend says, "Breezy, what's that beep?  Are you playing with your body?"

I'd like to thank G.Inc for allowing me to review their Perfect Body XL.  I hope everyone has enjoyed reading it.  I tried to be as unbiased as possible.  This is a great body and I have enjoyed wearing it.

Click to Enlarge Photo
Seraphim Galleries:

The Gear:

Lingerie [Maai by Snow Wolfhunter] Opium - Fuksia, Black, Red, and Purple - via [The Big Show
Shoes [Azoury by Mayhem and Aniki Seetan] Sauvage Heels - Trunk Black - via [Sad November

The Bod:

Eyes [Ikon by Ikon InnoviaSunrise Eyes - Eggplant
Hair [Pink Hustler by Luka Hauster] *PH* 70535 -black-  - Subscriber Gift Item
Hands, Feet, Body[G.Inc by Gamerexpert] G. Inc. Perfect Body  + + XL V3.0
Skin [Deesses by Nataliewells] Lucia - Coffee.  Gacha Item no longer available.  
Ears [The Skinnery by Umazuma Metaluna Human Ears

The Bling:

Piercing [UtopiaH - Petiita Blackbart] Monroe Piercing
Earrings/Necklace [Cae by Caelan Hancroft Reverie Set
Ring [CentoPallini by Caran Juran*CentoPallini* PEARL BUTTON [Ring] Gold
Watch/Bracelet [Mandala by Kikunosuke EelBILLIONAIRE_Fat_ver - Hud used

The Cosmetics:

Freckles [Soonsiki (Milk) by Kattington] Odd Beauty Freckles Note: It's included in with the hairs.  I put it on, liked it and I've decided to wear it.  
Teeth [Shakeup! by Carrie Janick] - Teeth [Tattoo Layers] - 04
Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] - Party - Swallow Wings
Nails [Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel] - Hand size 10 (L)/NAIL/female[MANDALA]LONG

The Posemaker:

Poses [Nani Poses by Cherry Appletor  Packs are no longer available, but there's plenty in the store for sale Half Off.   
Pin Up Girl Pack - Poses 1 and 6
Endless Summer Pack - Poses 2 and 8

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