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Under Your Bed, I am there.

The Creepy Cutie Carnival has started and ~PixyStix~ is participating.  The Stalker Tees are available in 3 Colors and appear with the print:  "Be My Precious", "Can I wear your Skin?", "I Live Under Your Bed.", "I will eat your Soul", and "Shhhh, I'm in your closet".   The Colors are Pink, Black, or Lilac.   Each pack is priced at 50L each.

I am wearing it with the Doll Parts Skin.  ~PixyStix's~ Skin contribution.  It is priced at 300L.  ~PixyStix~ items are applier friendly and the Omega Applier is included as well.  

I am also excited to report Round 90 of Designer's Circle. Glow Designs has created The Cross Chains Anklets and they are SLink High Feet Compatible.  The gold version as well as the silver is available.  It can be worn many different ways, but I've chosen to wear both the Cross and The Chains together.   They are priced at 100L each.  

Let's wish Cosmopolitan Sales Room a happy Second Birthday!!  The Metallic Stiletto is available for 99L/500L FP.  Colors are: Aria, Ultraviolet, Gold, Ocean, Rubi, and Silver.  There are also some super cute Metallic Head Bows that are 50L.  YaY!!   

Seraphim's Galleries:
[Creepy Cutie Carnival]  Ends 10/31
[Designer's Circle]  Ends 10/26
[Cosmopolitan Sales Room]  Ends 10/26

I'm wearing Slink Physique for this Ensemble.  Thanks for viewing ♥♥

Click to Enlarge Photo

Click to Enlarge Photo

The Gear:

Top [~Pixystix~ by Pixy Snook] Stalker Tee - I live under your bed - [Creepy Cutie Carnival
Skirt [Dress2Kill by Unquenchablethirst] Rachel Mesh Net Skirt! - Store No Longer Found.  
Stockings [Bebe by Republic3d] Pantyhose Type 1 Black 40 den for SLINK Physique ONLY [MP] 
Gloves [Schadenfreude by Allegory Malaprop] Miami Fingerless Fishnet Gloves
Headpiece [Pure Poison by Shaleene Keenin] Seth Headdress - die Horner Kollektion  GACHA
Heels [Glow Designs by Sckarlett Fairywren]  Metallic Stilettos  Ultraviolet [Cosmopolitan Sales Room] 
Anklets [Glow Designs by Sckarlett Fairywren]  Cross Chains Anklet  - Silver [Designer's Circle] 
Doll Key [I love 13 by Ginger13 Kidd] Screw Doll Key [MP] 

The Bod:

Eyes [Ikon by Ikon InnoviaHope Eyes - Passion
Hairbase [Paperbag by Kex Blackheart] .Twigs via [Cosmetic Fair
Hands, Feet, Body[SLink - Siddean Munro] Casual Hands, High Feet, Physique Body
Skin [~Pixystix~ by Pixy Snook] Doll Parts via [Creepy Cutie Carnival

The Bling:

Piercing [UtopiaH - Petiita Blackbart] Monroe Piercing
Piercing [Cute Poison by Sae Luan] Stellar Piercings
Ring [Pomposity by Bugsy HansomeMissy Gemstone  Rings 

The Cosmetics:

Eyeliner [MON's by Ekilem] Eyeliner Royal - black 
Eyebrows [The Skinnery by Umazuma Metaluna Natural Brows 1 - Bold - white(Tinted)
Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] - Party - Swallow Wings
SLink Nail and Toe Polish [Jamman Jewels and Accessories by jamman] - Version 6 Hud used

The Posemaker:

Pose 1 [Posesion by Dahriel] Lirio Pack Pose 01
Pose 2 [Infiniti by Brandi Monroe] Handy Pack Pose 08
Pose 3 [creativeRUN by Creativerun]  Editoral Pack  Pose 03 [MP

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