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Watch What You Say

The beautiful Pure Butterfly Accessory is the latest creation from Team Seetan over at Azoury.   Created for The Secret Affair event, Pure comes in 4 colors: Red, White, Blue and Fushia.  Pick them up today!!

The tongue is a powerful thing.  It can bless and curse at the same time.  Powerful enough to break a man or to build him up again.  Are you condemning yourself with your own words?  It's very important to always watch what you say.  Those who guard their lips preserve their lives Prov 13:3.  ♥♥

Seraphim Galleries:

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Butterfly  [Azoury by Mayhem and Aniki Seetan]  Pure - Fushia - [Secret Affair
Dress  [Third Eye by Anya McConach and Ekilem Melodie]  That Bass - Seal 
Hair/Base [Vanity Hair by Tabata Jewell] Little Black Bun (Group Gift)/ Vintage Hair Base 
Eyes [Ikon by Ikon InnoviaDeadshine Eyes - Scoria
Ears [Mandala - kikunosuke EelSTEKING_EARS_Season5
Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] - Party - Swallow Wings
Skin [ItGirls by Annie Jolifaunt]  Crystal - Cafe  - Belleza Appliers Used.  
Pose [Sari-Sari by AbbyAnne Resident] Female Pose H Pack  [Kustom 9
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