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Fashion For Change

Fashion For Change is a fantastic two week shopping, entertainment and high fashion event designed to raise funds for the charity Womankind Worldwide. The theme of the Event is 'Haute Couture goes Ethnic'. 

Womankind Worldwide is a UK based, international Women’s Rights charity working to help women transform their lives and communities in Africa, Asia and Latin America.  
Information on the charity and its work is viewable on the following [You Tube Link]  and here is [Womankind Worldwide's official website]

The Event will run from 4/11 - 4/25 so come on out and support a great cause!! 

I was accepted into the early access group for Pose Fair 2015.  So, for the next couple of days all of my poses will be from this event (YaY).  Don't forget to come out!!  

Though you may have the state of the art PC... full of bells and whistles..  Without a Pose, you will look like nothingThough you may have Photoshop Skills that rival members of the Entertainment industry..  Without a pose, your avatar will still look like a hot mess...   Though you may shop at the best stores and find the most beautiful SIMS for your photography.. Without a Pose, YOU ARE A HOT MESS...    All of your hard work means NOTHING without a posemaker.   So, here's to you, Posemakers!!    Okay my speech ends here...   

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Seraphim Galleries:
[On9 - Ends 4/27
[Pose Fair 2015 - Ends 4/25]

The Gear:
Jumpsuit [Ghee by Warm Clarity and Beatrice Serendipity] Tropicana - Grapetini - [Fashion For Change] 
Shoes [E-clipse Design by Thetra Blackheart] Ete - White  [On9]

The Bod:

Hair  [No Match by Viking Resident] No Regrets [On9]
Eyes [Ikon by Ikon Innovia] Sovereign Eyes - Chocolate
Ears [Mandala by Kikunosuke Eel] STEKING_EARS_Season5
Shape [Poema by MatildaSoon Resident]  Vilnius (Face unchanged.  Body Modded) 
Skin [Birdy by Nina Helix]  Willow - Espresso
Body, Hands, Feet  [Maitreya by Onyx LeShelle]   Lara V3.0

The Cosmetics:

Full Makeup [MUA by Shanty Bookmite] Water [Fashion For Change]
Eyelashes [Maxi Gossamer by Maxi Gossamer] -  Swallow Wings  Red/Black
Maitreya Nail+Toe Polish [Maai by Snow Wolfhunter Party [MP Too]

The Bling:

Bracelet [Aisling by Damian Kleiner and Druunah Esharham] Elyan Bracelet  (gacha item) 
Rings [Pomposity by Bugsy HansomeMissy Gemstone  

The Posemaker:

Pose [Repose by Radagast Lexington and Lucie Bluebird] The Look Pack Used
[Pose Fair 2015]

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