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My Buddy

Don't leave your Buddy behind.  Frimousse, Azoury's contribution, is available at Lost and Found. I've edited him into place, but you can carry him, or he can sit as a decoration item in your home. 
For this Post, I am wearing Belleza's Freya and Standard SL head.  Enjoy!!  

Visit this location at Miyako jima Island in Second Life

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Note: Please see  [Additional Item Credits] for additional Slurls/Credits. 

Seraphim Galleries:

 The Gear:

Cushion [Azoury by Mayhem Seetan and Aniki Seetan] Frimousse - [Lost & Found]
Dress [Paper Arrow Co by Paper Arrow] Breezy Dress - Cobalt [UBer]

The Bod: 

Skin[Modish by ele.brandi] Mia - 19
Hair [Dura by chiaki Xue] Dura Girl 64  - *DG*64
Belleza Nails [Gorgeous Dolls by kea.amarula] Dream With Me(Flared)  [MP Too]  
Hands, Body, Feet [Belleza by Tricky Boucher, Shyla Diggs]   Freya

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