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Peace, Like Charity, Begins at Home.

You've already seen [Camilla in TMP. ]  Now, she's available for Logo heads as well.  Since I currently do not have a LOGO head, then I'm just going to rock it on some Omega compatible heads.  So here's EVE'olution and Catwa's Gwen.  Enjoy!! 

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Note: Please see  [Additional Item Credits] for additional Slurls/Credits. 

Seraphim Galleries:
The Gear:

Skins [Modish by ele.brandi] Camilla - 06, 12 - Logo-Omega/Maitreya appliers used.
 Hair [Analog Dog by Queue Marlowe] Joan and Theresa (Got these from the Freeballs, check to see if they're still up)  
Shirt  [Avanti by Intoxicate Resident] Rio - Green 
Necklaces [Minimal by ors.quan] Spectre(Main Store) and Ephixa [Shiny Shabby]

The Bod: 
Head(Left) [Absolut Creation by Ginger Chevalier] EVE'olution Head #2  Beta
Head(Right) [Catwa by Catwa Clip] Gwen 4.5

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