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~PixyStix~ featuring Dazzler

I think I had so much fun blogging this outfit, that I'll just let the awesome designer, Pixy.Snook, introduce her creation:

...So over on KaTnipZ Wonderland, there's a new hunt called "Super Heroines, Super Villains, Super Boobs". Basically, everyone was assigned a super hero based on a number they picked (which I think was brilliant). All items in the hunt must have appliers and all cost 5L. 

My hero, Dazzler, from X-Men. She was a mutant with the ability to convert sound vibrations into light and energy beams and was mainly portrayed as a singer. More info can be found here, Wiki Article

Skins [~PixyStix~Hayden as Dazzler:  Hunt Item  Note: Mesh Dazzler Catsuit and all appliers included 5L
Breasts [Lolas] Tango Updated - ~Pixystix~ Hayden Dazzler Appliers worn
Hands  [SLink] ~Pixystix~ Hayden Dazzler Appliers used. Hands are the Casual version.
Hair [Wasabi Pills] Tayler  Color: Blonde Pack - Golden
Bracelets [Izzie's] Belt Bracelet Silver Buckle - White
Shoes [Gos Boutique] Bordello - Bonnie  - Color+ Hud used from fatpack to achieve the effect.  Note: Obtained via Shoetopia Event  Event ends 11/30/13
Lashes [Gaeline Creations] Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Eyes [Prismatic] Color: Aqua Blast  Note: Vintage Item.   Created by Propain Electricteeth
Eyeliner [Corvus] - Cateyes Eyeliner

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