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Structure Your Skin Project - 1/3

The Structure Your Skin Project begins 11/01/13.  Each month, skin designers all over SL will offer their new or special releases for only 99L$.  ~PixyStix~ is there and this is the first blog of a series.  3 Hayden Skins are up for grabs and I am presenting the Silver & Gold series.  The first is in Hayden 05.  It includes SLink, Tango, and Loud  Mouth Appliers and is priced to sell at 99L$.   Thanks for viewing!!

Skins [~PixyStix~Hayden: 05 Silver and Gold.  The Structure Your Skin Project. Event begins Friday 11/01/13.
Mouth/Lips  [Loud Mouth]  Brandee Closed - Hayden 05 Silver and Gold appliers worn.
Breasts [Lolas] Tango Mirage - ~Pixystix~ Hayden 05 Silver and Gold Appliers worn
Hands and feet  [SLink] ~Pixystix~ Hayden 05 Silver and Gold Appliers used. Hands are the Casual version.
Hair [Wasabi Pills] Donna  Color: Browns Pack - Pancake
Jewelry Set [Sadalbari] Fringed
Jacket [Luas] Miranda Blazer - Red  Note:  No appliers needed.  I am wearing size XL.
Pants [Miss Canning] - Saori High Waist Leather Pants - Black
Tank [EC: Enelya Creations] - Neila Top Resille - White  Tango Appliers worn.
Shoes [Leverocci] Belgravia - Suede Curved Spiked Wedges Fatpack - Red.  SLink compatible shoes for Medium Barefeet.  Marketplace Store 
Lashes [Gaeline Creations] Mesh Lashes Magnificia
Eyes [IKONPerspective Eyes Color: Darkstar
Eyeliner [Corvus] - Cateyes Eyeliner

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