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Chop Zuey Basic Photography Homework

I had so much fun in our first Chop Zuey Photography class that I decided to post about it.  October Bettencourt, our teacher,  taught us the basics on shadows, windlight settings, and graphics settings.  

You'd think in Second Life, there would be no homework.  No No NO!!  October sent us off into SL instructing us to take some pictures and apply our basic knowledge.  Even with my subpar PC graphics, I hope I snap some decent photos.   Wooohoooo!!  (Yes, I'm a Super Dork)

First Area up is Dead End:

This is a Role-Play Urban SIM and it's quite grimy.  Yet, I think I managed to get some beautiful pictures:

The next lovely place that I visited was Cheval De Mer  Very beautiful park-like setting.  I tried to get a shot of myself playing in the fountain.  Well, I think the attempt was okay.  The bridge shot is awesome. I simply used my AO animation to play inworld.  So, here are the pics:

Any constructive criticism is welcomed.  I am a novice photographer and blogger with a subpar graphics card.  But hey, we have to learn somewhere, right??   I did enjoy this homework assignment and I am looking forward to more challenges.  Thanks for reading!!  

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